Professional Support Network

We often hear about the trauma that parents experience but we don’t always see or recognise the trauma that many health professionals, social workers and volunteers experience in their daily lives.

Many professionals are not only dealing with their own mental health issues, they are also dealing with frustration when faced with a parent that they desperately want to help but don’t have the resources or support to be able to do so.

The Professional Support Network has two key functions:

1. Peer support for professionals

Much like our peer support groups for parents, our professional support network provides peer support for those professionals struggling with their own mental health by creating a safe environment of others who understand and can relate to how they are feeling.

2. Platform for change

Our professional support network will create opportunities for professionals to get together and share best practice, the latest research, and to find out what’s going on with others in the field of perinatal mental health care.

We will also provide training, education and a voice in our campaigning services.

I am a professional and want to find out more

We will shortly be releasing more information about this project in the very near future. In the meantime, you can support this project by getting involved as a volunteer, making a donation or joining our membership.