Shutter Club – Outdoor Photography Workshop

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Shutter Club – Outdoor Photography Workshop

Do you want to learn how to take great photos with your phone? Do you want to get out into nature and spark your creative flair? How about meeting other parents and making new friends?

Then Shutter Club is for you! Over the course of four weeks, professional photographer Rebekah Collins will take you out into nature and show you how to capture stunning pictures using your phone. Kids are welcome to join in. Social distancing measures will be in place at all times.

Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1 – Basics of photography
Week 2 – Composition (what to look for when photographing outdoors)
Week 3 – Shooting (lighting, framing, holding the phone, what to shoot)
Week 4 – Editing (phone apps, sharing on social media)
This course is for parents who are struggling with mental health issues, or who want to learn a new skill that will promote mental wellbeing.
The course will run from on Saturdays from 6th March until 27th March from 11am – 12pm in various outdoor locations. There may be a travel subsidy available for parents who don’t drive or who live in more rural areas.
It is free to attend but donations are very welcome.

Suggested Donation: £10

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