We Are Pangs are a charity that supports parents in all stages of pregnancy and following birth who have experienced mental ill health. We also support the wider family circle and connect with health professionals to improve services.

By becoming a member of We Are Pangs, you will be joining a growing and vibrant community of parents and volunteers who understand what it’s like to live with perinatal mental ill health. Through our groups and volunteer activities our members form lifelong friendships and create their very own support network through shared experiences.

Your membership donation will support our work in your community and in local communities throughout Northern Ireland.

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How is your membership fee used?

By supporting us, you help to ensure that no parent struggling with perinatal mental illness is left behind. We are growing our charity to:

• Provide peer support groups in every community

• Provide access to online resources and support

• Campaign for better services including a Mother & Baby unit in NI

• Provide training and workshops to both parents and health professionals

• Break the stigma and make it easier for every parent to ask for help