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Vlog: What is CBT anyway?

Michelle discusses her experiences with cognitive behavioural therapy and how it can help manage mental illness.

We Are Pangs launches as a new charity

We Are Pangs was initially founded by Michelle Bradley in January 2014. Struggling with severe postnatal anxiety and depression, Michelle… more

Political parties in NI agree landmark commitment to perinatal mental health

Such fantastic news this morning. All political parties in NI have signed a consensus statement for maternal mental health. “We… more

Motherhood can be boring!

Most days I wake up and think to myself that today is the day I will make a more concerted… more

Communication is key

If you have struggled with your mental health you will no doubt have faced a situation where you know the… more

Can you even see me?

Do you ever feel invisible? Today I feel invisible. Have you ever spent so much time alone with your little… more

Vlog: A Bad Morning Doesn’t Mean a Bad Day

In this video, Michelle talks about how a bad start to the morning doesn’t mean the whole day has to… more

Vlog: Downward Dips

In this video, We Are Pangs founder Michelle Bradley discusses what happens when your mental health takes a dip after… more

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