Our beginning

We Are Pangs was founded in January 2014 by Michelle Bradley, a first-time mother who at the time was struggling with postnatal anxiety and depression. We began as an online peer support group called PANGS NI which grew very quickly to include hundreds of women from all over Northern Ireland.

As the group grew, it became obvious that many families were struggling and receiving little or no support. It was also clear that it was difficult to find information about what services and supports were available.

Where we are headed

In June 2019, We Are Pangs officially formed as a charity and began in earnest to explore ways in which we could further help families struggling with perinatal mental illness. We surveyed parents in Northern Ireland to find out what difficulties they were facing and what they felt they needed in order to recover. The results of this survey formed the basis of our strategic plan.

Our goals

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every parent across Northern Ireland can access timely and appropriate care to help them recover from mental illness. We aim to do this through a range of projects including growing a province-wide peer support network, hosting training and education events, campaigning for better services and providing support to our colleagues who work with parents with mental health issues. We want to create a collaboration with parents at its centre so that as a community we can ensure that no parent is left behind, struggling alone.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with the work we are doing at We Are Pangs, there a number of things you can do.

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